Presenting our project in Mercado Victoria


On July 13th, against all odds of celebrating any event in the hot Cordoban capital, Los Insensatos de la Antehojuela, honoring their name, presented their wines in Mercado Victoria (Victoria Market).

The Cordoban night gave a short break to the heat, emphasizing that Tuesday 13th is not always a sign of bad luck. The market, a key site of Cordoban leisure, greeted a reduced group (Covid stuff) of 30 people who were able to enjoy unique wines, produced with love and care. At 8:30pm the place began to bustle with guests, and a guided wine tasting started, as if it were an orchestra. In between sips, the hostess would cast questions to Los Insensatos, who gave snippets of information about the elaboration and production of their wines.


Los Insensatos wish to take the concept of wine, so deep-rooted in our land, to a new level that so far has been hardly explored. These are young wines that, without dismissing tradition, search to fit in a world that changes every second and meet the demands of younger generations.

A group of friends brought together by the love they share towards their homeland, towards that which has surrounded them since childhood. A group from Montilla that has grown among vineyards and a product created with patience and love. A new generation that combines tradition and modernity in a way that respects what has always been and communicates it as never before.