Basic user manual: OUR FOLLY MANIFEST


We don’t relinquish the heritage or the essence of our traditional, universal and eternal wines. Quite the opposite: we respond to the market’s reality and adapt to the new-found consumer demands and trends to show that our wines are not only attractive and special when given time and wood, but are also full of qualities and singularities in their youth.

We move without much thought; searching for fun and enjoyment in what we do, aiming to add and contribute value to our region, making wines with personality full of “folly”.

Our manifest is:

  1. Land and cultivation based on respect towards the plant and the fruit.
  2. Improvement of productive processes and optimization of traditional resources.
  3. New wines and new oenological concepts that transcend the conventional.
  4. Extreme triage: manual in-box harvest, cluster selection, grape gathering “en sazón” (in peak condition, perfectly ripe), grape destemming…
  5. Fermentation always under 18ºC.
  6. Short and exclusive productions.
  7. Fun, friendship and plenty of wine.
  8. Evolution, innovation and quality.
  9. Our folly proves us right: we’re not alone in this madness.
  10. Wine grants us unique experiences and moments.