We are “those 4 fools’ wine”


Los Insensatos is not only a trade name with an engaging and playful approach that identifies a new oenological project located in DO Montilla-Moriles; it’s a statement of intent that comes from 6 friends that wish to promote a substantial change through a reformulation of the way of making and conceiving our wines: revolution starts from within.

Los Insensatos represents an alternative route, an unconventional path to find the future in what has always been, promoting native varieties and searching for the utmost expression of the terroir.

On the grounds of innovation and uniqueness, Los Insensatos is a youthful, fresh and lighthearted project that aims, through short and exclusive productions, to place value on the particularity of “our land of wines”, with a basic and essential principle that connects and defines us: “We work passionately to make unique and high-quality wines: we want to share them, build intense experiences and enjoy them to their fullest.”