Los llanos (The plains)


DOC: Montilla Moriles

Plot of land: Cañada Navarro, Sierra de Montilla.

Soil type: Alberos de tosca de antehojuela (very white, airy soil typical from our region). Clay texture.

Plot features:460m of altitud. 5% slope. Northeast-southeast orientation.

Variety: Pedro Ximenez.

Viticulture: minimum tillage.  Priorization of efficiency control labors and canopy ventilation by green pruning. Integrated production. 

Harvest Date: 12/09/2020.

Elaboration: manual recollection of grape bunches. Destemming and crushing. Soft pressing in a pneumatic press and cold “desfangado” (technique used on the young wine to make the thick particles that aren’t wanted in the final product drop to the bottom and extracted from it) for 24-48h Tinaja (3000L concrete vessel) fermentation. Dynamic fermentation with temperature control. Lías finas (fine lees, this refers to yeast residues that give the wine volume and character) breeding, and biologic breeding under velo de flor (layer of yeast that protects the wine from oxidating) for 7 months.

Number of bottles: 437.

Taste features: Pale look with green-ish highlights. When smelled, it gives out exhuberant white-flower scents and hints of bakery-like odors.  Once in the mouth, it feels voluptuous, pleasant and unctuous.


High exposition and profoundness, hence its volume and exhuberance



Los Insensatos is not only a commercial denomination with an engaging and playful approach that identifies a new oenological project located in DO Montilla-Morilles; it’s a statement of intent that comes from 6 friends that wish to promote a substantial change through a reformulation of the way of making and conceiving our wines: revolution starts from within/the source.



We work devotedly to make unique and high-quality wines: we want to share them, foster memorable experiences and enjoy them to their fullest